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jonathan myers

I've been spending a good portion of my week tucked ever so snuggly in bed with a ready supply of tissues and cough drops. Which means, I've been enjoying the sun breaks and warmer weather from the wrong side of the window. However, I did get out a little here and there. Last night we had our quarterly Partners' Council gathering at George: Center for Community. This meeting marked my third and second as the Vicar there. Each meeting, I become more and more impressed with who comes to the table and the vision, passion, and energy they bring to our little center for community.

For those who might want to know a little more about what George is, this quote from theologian Letty Russell:

We can identify the basic qualities of partnership. They would seem to include 1) commitment that involves responsibility, vulnerability, equality and trust among persons or groups who share a variety of gifts or resources; 2) common struggle and work involving risk, continued growth, and hopefulness in moving toward a goal or purpose transcending the group itself; 3) contextuality in interacting with a wider community of persons, social structures, values and beliefs that may provide support, correctives, or feedback. There is never a complete equality in a dynamic relationship, but a pattern of equal regard and mutual acceptance among partners is essential. When such a relationship is alive and growing we usually find the gifts of synergy, serendipity and sharing. That is, partners produce an overspill of energy that is greater than the sum of the parts, and that displays unexpected or serendipitous gifts and the impulses to share that energy with others.  ~The Future of Partnership p. 18-19.

Our hope is to create an environment of synergy, serendipity, and sharing. And amazingly enough, that is happening. We began conversations around fundraising to add elements of flexibility and openness to our Great Room upstairs and the possibility of growing food on our property. The energy and commitment are there. I feel lucky to be part of such a great group of folks. George is lucky to have such a great group of partner organizations that make that space come alive and for the Lake City neighborhood and northeast Seattle to use and make their own.