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lake city community center

jonathan myers

Dear Council Members, 

First and foremost, thank you for your service to our city. I know that much of what makes your jobs difficult is that you have to choose between good and needed projects and that not everything can get done when we want them too. So, thank you for taking everything into serious and thoughtful consideration. 

I'm writing as a Lake City resident and worker. The needs in Lake City, as you all know, are great and seemingly endless. One of those needs is of course the full service community center. I moved here from North Beacon Hill and so I know first hand what a great benefit a good community center is for a neighborhood and as Lake City continues it's growth, especially among younger adults and children, a new community center will be invaluable. 

Lake City has very little park space, commons space, or walkable area. A full service community center would add these needed spaces for our neighborhood to continue to grow closer together and be more invested in our community. You all know the demographics that support this call for the community center, but the real impact of a community center goes beyond data and numbers. The way a community center brings together a community of citizens is probably unquantifiable, but it is real and noticeable. 

Thank you for supporting this project and for all you do.