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Jonathan most recently helped found Habitat Tavern & Commons, a brewery with a community commons. His primary role is to curate art, community, and spiritual life in the space. He is also a consultant with the Episcopal Church with responsibility of establishing and developing localized networks of practice around the area of evangelism. He was the Vicar of George, a community commons in Lake City and a Priest Associate at St. Andrew’s, Seattle.  He was the founder of bE.kON collective, which was an intentional faith/doubt community who aspired to flesh out what it meant to be and become the Imagination of God. This community helped seed a new faith community in Lake City as a base community at George. Jonathan has been a trainer for the College for Congregational Development and a consultant for the Diocese of Olympia, as well as member of the Commission on Evangelism focusing on leading regional trainings for congregations. Jonathan holds a BA in Biblical Literature and Intercultural Studies from Indiana Wesleyan University, a certificate in Spiritual Direction and Master of Divinity from The Seattle School for Theology and Psychology. Feel free to connect with Jonathan on Facebook or twitter.


The areas of work where I most come alive are in regards to group process and creating conversational space for change. It is not often the case that systems and people are afraid of change, but rather a fear of losing something of importance and resistance to change is the easiest way to keep this anxiety at bay. If a system can hold the space of that anxiety in a way that is faithful to their commonly held values, then a conversation can emerge that will grow into hoping for an alternative future that both honors the history of a place, but also pursues the Dream of God that may be uncertain and tenuous. In this kind of collaborative space I love to pursue conversations particularly around outreach and evangelism, and liturgical creativity.


My areas of strength as a consultant are thinking through systems, holding space for conflict, engaging system anxiety, and identifying congregational strengths and positives. I am a collaborative facilitator in the sense that I function better when more people are actively engaged in the process. I also believe that individuals and groups internalize learning the more active they are participating in the meeting or gathering. Most of my experience is in doing Mutually Ministry Agreements and Reviews, Vestry Retreats, and working with groups in various forms of conflict.


My MBTI is INFP. Situationally, my Process preference can easily shift to Judging, and my Feeling preference can easily shift to Thinking. Being fairly balanced in these areas allow me balance out a group that might lean one way or another and to see sides of a picture that might be more difficult for a group. It helps me to keep a process oriented group on task or a thinking group to engage the more emotional aspect of their work. I am a strong Introvert and Intuitive knower, which allows me to ‘read’ a room and work a process through while hearing all voices in the group.

My Enneagram number is Nine with a One wing. Nines are the classic mediator type because they specialize in seeing multiple perspectives. This allows me to enter conflict and not get caught up in the anxiety of the situation. This also means, I will not look for quick fixes to the conflict but am more interested getting underneath the conflict and working collaboratively toward a more harmonious place for the group or congregation. My One wing makes me idealistic and to seek change and reform. My interest in systems thinking combined with idealism allows me to help guide a group to asking tough questions of their system and start thinking strategically about implementing desired changes discerned by the group process.

For Consultations and Workshops

If you are interested in having Jonathan consult with your group or congregation, or to lead a workshop, please email him directly. If you are a congregation within the Episcopal Diocese of Western Washing you may also contact, Rev. Alissa Newton, the Director of Congregational Development.