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2212 NE 125th St
Seattle, WA, 98125
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Ordained Priest in the Episcopal Church, USA, Diocese of Olympia. 2013

M.Div & Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Seattle School for Theology and Psychology, 2009.

My vocation is one of both being a companion and an instigator, calling forth communities to live the imagination of G-d.  Both of these require the desire for hope and the willingness to suffer with others.  My work is about opening a space for discontent and then sitting in the discomfort with individuals and communities, while simultaneously discerning ways toward movement in the direction of a new reality. My strengths are in the areas of collaborative leadership, creative liturgy, pastoral care, and networking partners for ministry. Areas where I need the most support are in the areas of administration and communications.

work :: projects

current: co-founder & commons curator for habitat tavern & commons

current: consultant for evangelism networks for the episcopal church (office of evangelism & reconciliation)

recent: missioner for youth and young adults for the diocese of western north carolina

director of george: center for community & vicar of common table, seattle, wa 2013-15

George: Center for Community is a space for the neighborhood of Lake City. The desire is curate a space where citizens of Lake City can find a place to gather, create, participate, work, and build community. We do this by opening up the building, a former Episcopal church, for individuals and organizations to offer their work to the neighborhood. Each partner has say in what George becomes over the course of time and who future partnerships might include. It is a collaborative model that invites participation rather than passive consumerism of the space via a standard landlord/renter relationship. George also opens its space for various arts expressions as both a venue space and as a place to create art individually or communally, in the forms of concerts, films, theatre, and visual art.

Along with the work as the director of George, I am also responsible for planting a new faith community within the context of George and Lake City through St. Andrew's Episcopal in Seattle and the Diocese of Olympia, both of which are sponsors and fiscal agents of the new church. The hope is for this new faith community to be a base community at George to support the work of the partners and the staff that run the various arts programs given a home in the space. This community curates a mid week vespers contemplative prayer space and gathers on the first and third Sunday of the month for a shared liturgy and meal.

curate at st. andrew's episcopal, seattle. 2013-15

As a Curate through the Clergy Residence program within the Diocese of Olympia, I am able to serve at the table, preach, attend vestry meetings, and other functions of an established Episcopal congregation. I learn under and alongside a wonderful mentor in the Rev. Dr. Peter Strimer, regularly celebrate the Mysteries during Holy Eucharist, offer pastoral care when needed, and participate in the life of the congregation where I can. My curacy provides the umbrella under which I do my work as the Director of George and as the Vicar, starting a new faith community.


Photo Credit: Nathan Fussell, 2016